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Have you ever heard of the Green Mountains? The state got its name from "Verts Mont" which is French for Green Mountains. They lie in

View from Green Mtns.

the northeastern portion of the Appalachian Mountains which run all the way from Quebec Canada to Alabama.

They're beautiful and they really are green!

This is due to the density of the type of coniferous forest known as a boreal forest.

In 1777 it declared it's independence and for the first six months of it's existence it was known as "New Connecticut".

It became the 14th state in 1791 and the first addition to the original thirteen colonies. It is the only New England state that is landlocked. Even though there is no ocean coastline, it's still part of New England and you can still get excellent seafood.

It has the second smallest population in the United States at 630,000 and is the 43rd in land area with only 9,250 square miles (24,000 km2). It is the leading producer of maple syrup in the United States and you see it for sale everywhere.

France ceded the territory to Great Britain after the Seven Years' War or what is otherwise known as the French and Indian War in 1763.

There are many great rides here which take you through alpine type towns dotted with ski lodges, hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfast inns. The mountain elevations which can reach over 4,300 feet provide excellent places for skiing.

Subsequently, this elevation also provides great winding roads for bikers, with very steep grades and lots of twists. There are even signs around that warn larger vehicles to avoid passage in winter.

View from Green Mtns.

The day I went was a beautiful and clear mid-July day.

I needed my leather jacket in the early part of the day but shed it around noon. I enjoyed the steep grades and sharp corners.

At at one point while going down the steepest part of my ride, I pulled in the clutch and without thinking, I took my eyes off the road for a second to check something on my GPS.

Big Mistake! In that brief moment, my speed increased greatly and immediately spooked me when my eyes focused back on the road. I must have gained 25 mph in that short time. It was literally only 1.5 seconds. If I had looked away for a half second longer, it's possible that I would have missed that next curve. Remember this when you're riding in these types of mountainous grades.

This state offers more to bikers than mountain rides. Lake Champlain makes half of the western border and is absolutely beautiful. You can take a ferry across the lake to New York and back for about $15.00. (Bike and rider)

Downtown Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is the largest city and is small by comparison to other cities nationally.

It has an award-winning pedestrian mall called the Church Street Marketplace right in the middle of downtown.

There are street performers amidst many shops and restaurants. This is a definite travel destination when you visit.

In the middle of the state is the historic town of Rutland. Rutland is home to the Vermont State Fair and has a wonderful New England downtown with many old buildings and magnificent old churches. As Vermont's second largest city, it has a rich history and is a popular place for shoppers and diners.

Just east of Rutland is Killington. Killington is home to the Killington Ski Resort. It has the largest vertical drop in New England and is the largest ski area in the eastern United States.

Considering that it is such a small state, there is still an abundance of things for bikers to do and see. Plan on spending several days here and make hotel reservations in advance if you plan to visit in the peak summer months.

Also, if you like to strap up, Vermont is a Right-To-Carry State and permits are not required. Vermont has no laws regarding concealed carrying of firearms.

Disclaimer: Be sure to check this out on your own. Read and understand all laws pertaining to firearms in National, State and Local Jurisdictions.

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