Monument Valley Ride

The ride through Monument Valley is from Mexican Hat, Utah to Kayenta, Arizona

This ride through Monument Valley starts out early in the morning, just after sunrise at the San Juan Inn in Mexican Hat, Utah.

With a full moon still visible in the western morning sky, we make our way down one of the most scenic travel destinations you've ever seen.

If you've never been through this valley, you'll believe you have. Reminiscent of the old west, images and memories from the best that Hollywood widescreen cinema could produce, long since engrained in our minds, flash before us.

It's a quick ride at only 44 miles, but what a ride!

My Favorit Pic of Road Through Monument Valley

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This is the route in text form in case anyone is interested.  Total: 44.2 mi - About 47 mins without stops.

Starting from San Juan Inn. Mexican Hat, Utah

1.   Head southwest on US-163 S/US-163 Scenic

2.   Continue to follow US-163 S

3.   Entering Arizona

4.   Indian Route 591   Kayenta, AZ 86033

Arriving at Kayenta, Arizona