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"Road to Ruin" by Road Kill

Back in the day, Rocky Hale and his biker music band were the "Go-To" rock'n source for many functions in Arizona. For years, Road Kill was requested to play gigs for Motorcycle Clubs.

He's played gigs all over Arizona for years - Sometimes at some seriously hardcore places - and has tons of stories about the old days.

This should convince you that he and his band Road Kill are truly a radical group of musicians.

Rocky and I like to ride together and you can see him and his wife Tammy in some of the videos on the Arizona Rides page. They just got a new Harley Crossbones and love it.

When the weather is cooler out here in the desert, we like to go on day long excursions to neat places like Prescott, Ajo, and Roosevelt Lake.

He's a real cool and interesting guy and is now a drug and alcohol counselor. After many years partying hard, he took a good turn and now helps all kinds of people overcome addiction.

Rocky is also a custom pipe maker. His work is well known in pipe smoking circles. Each pipe is an exquisite example of creativity and craftsmanship and delights everyone who picks one up.

On his album, there are 14 biker music tracks plus an additional bonus track of excellent, unique, music with a down and dirty, home grown, Arizona flare and he is charging only $12.00 USD plus shipping and handling.

It's a Great album and a Great value!

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